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05 July 2006



This is so lovely, so very, very pretty. Love this. You must have just submitted this tonight or else I missed it on my first run through the SPC list this afternoon. So very glad I came back to see if anyone put anything new up. Great photograph.


you're so beautiful.

Sarah e. Smith aka Rustic Relics

You are so very beautiful, this is such a vibrant picture of you :) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


i don't think i've been here before, but this picture arrested me. i had to stop and tell you how compelling it was for me. i love your description of it, too, at the very end - washed from the rain...
beautiful. thank you.


this picture tells a beautiful story. I love it!


Ah... Such beauty. You remind me that Kali can be breath taking in Her beauty, even during the chaos and not knowing. this is the time when the simple, organic and potent beauty in us can shine. And here you are... You're so beautiful...

Thank you for blessing my morning!


how gorgeous! i love the colors and the mood you've conveyed with this photo.


You don't look disheveled! You look... peaceful and thoughtful. Very pretty!


I can't quite place my finger on the emotion in your face- wonderment, overwhelmed, joyous. But the image moved me. And I made the happy discovery of Poetry Thursday through your site. I've linked to it and your site on my blog tonight. Keep on soaking in the life!


ooh, sweetie, this is a glorious self portrait - the colours, the mood, the quiet contemplation... the best word that comes to mind is - delicious.... Sx


Oh darling how I have missed you....your words your photos....
This picture of you took my breath away. I am so happy you took it. The gentleness of your head tilted with such gorgeous colors of your hair and skin with the flower and shirt....divine....'


really and truly lovely! very beautiful.


oh this is so sweet and innocent and gentle. how lovely.

la vie en rose

...and beautiful to boot!

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