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19 August 2006



Oh sweetness this must be an emotional day for you.

I too wish you could be sitting and having some tea with her.

Love to you


Please don't be too sad...they love you and love understands more than we know.

You are not a selfish person. Sometimes if we don't take care of ourselves, no one does and then we're not much use to anyone.

Hummel figurines and knitting needles...these are deep images of my own grandmother as well :)

sending you the warm friendship that comes with sipping tea and good conversations.

xxx darlene


oh love.
how i wish you could have had a cup of tea and a movie as well. you described the essence of their home so well here. i imagined well your grandmother clicking away at her knitting needles during a movie, laughing in between the lines.

they know you love them...they know.

i hope you are able to see them soon.


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