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11 August 2006



this made me cry.

you are so beautiful. such a breath of fresh air to me. i imagined myself on that walk, slipping my arm around your waist and giggling as our butterfly danced around us.

i smell the chamomile still.

i am feeling under the weather today, so i am going to go take a nap and visit this place you speak of in my dreams.

love you, angel friend.


Oh it worked!
I hade a gentle morning-I thought I smelled a hint of wet grass:)

Oh and I hope you find your glasses.

Loving you

angela marie

ahh..this sounds wonderful.
I can just picture it all.

I am happy you had a gentle morning


let's go for another walk...you make it sound so peaceful and inviting.

Hope you find your glasses...sending out the search angels as I type :)

loving you with warm thoughts

xxx d

letha sandison

Oh Amy, how I wish we could have all been there. This was such a beautiful post, so peaceful! It was exactly what I needed to read at this moment. Thank you.

Blessings and love!!


liz elayne

thank you for sharing this...i feel like i could peek in on you and now i feel more peace this morning. thank you my dear.

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