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22 August 2006



I love "sitting in a cafe with a glass of wine and a secretive smile". Inspires me to do the same! I feel so yummy when I'm that girl. And I see her in your face. Love the smile, and the color! muah!e


So nice to 'see' you smiling. I knew you weren't so serious all the time ;-)

Do you make your own scarves?

Mmmmm... winter cold and a soft, brightly colored knitted scarf...heaven!

scarf loving darlene


Hey-I like seeing you smile:)

Such a pretty you.


How is work?


You have a wonderful smile, and i'm so glad you shared it with us.... i want to kiss your cheeks.... reading your post about your granny made me feel sad that i couldn't see mine - she passed away 2 years ago. they are so important in our lives aren't they, the core of where we came from, with all the good and bad that that implies. i think you should print out your post and send it to her, to let her into your heart. i think she'd be thrilled.

love to you x

letha sandison

Amy, what a treat to see your smiling face! You are so naturally beautiful!


Great photo. I find it so hard to take pictrues of myself and smile at the camera, somehow it jsut doesn't seem so natural.


oh how i love your smile!

xoxoxox miss you.

liz elayne

beautiful you! i just want to give you a huge hug...and come over for tea. i want to come over for tea right now.

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