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28 October 2007



I have snow envy.


we had a light dusting on friday adn i expect it won't be long before the sky opens up and beauty dances downward ... i too have found myself cooking and baking more :)


a lovely post and such a beautiful photo. i enjoy a slower pace in the winter too. for me, it won't happen until january. enjoy the baking and the sunlight. xo

la vie en rose

september through february seem to always be very creatively productive times for me and i really think a lot of it has to do with the shift in the weather and a slower pace


Such a delightful post. I've been feeling this way too. Time to make a fire, wrap myself up in soft blankets and pull out the knitting needles. Sip tea and eat cookies. I know I'll be cursing winter come next April, but for now, I'm welcoming her.


Here in Wisconsin (I suppose you would call us The South), we're still watching the leaves turn. It's the latest autumn I can remember. When the snow arrives, I'll welcome it.

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