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21 October 2007



What a sweet little face!


We're so happy that you found Mochi! She looks absolutely adorable!! How's Yuki doing with the situation?


Glad that Mochi found you. I love the markings on her face.


she is beautiful ..


OMG! She is ADORABLE. I'm so happy you found each other.


Ah... I have some tears welling up as I read this. She is gorgeous, and I too have felt that I would not get another cat after Chloe passes. But this face... She is pure love! blessings to you both!

la vie en rose

oh...she's beautiful...it's so touching to read about how you have kept your heart open and not let the pain of lossing something you love so deeply close it down.

liz elayne

oh my goodness...that sweet face.

i am so glad you have opened your home (and heart) to this adorable creature. keep the pictures coming...

sending you blessings and peace today...and, i hope you have a bit of the blue sky i am enjoying a few miles (okay a few hundredish miles) south of you.

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