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27 February 2006



what a brave and courageous post for you. i was full of warm smiles reading this. nodding and understanding how challenging it was for you to open up about this.

come hang out with me...i am all about embracing the curves, girlfriend. : )

i too grew up developing earlier than others and no matter how thin i got in the past...i always had those bosoms and arse!!

i have learned to look away from the media's expectation of us and our figures and am becoming quite attracted to the curvy mountains and valleys us women share.

a huge part of this realization is a message i want to send to women through my art.

embrace your bosoms...like the lotus flower is right now.


ps. your hair reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. i was obsessed with her as a young girl and adore her today.

liz elayne

oh thank you for posting this. i can relate to all of this (well, not the bikini in public part :)). i started wearing a bra in 4th grade and had issues about my breasts from then on. in the last year, i have started owning that i love them. i am wearing a better bra and showing cleavage every now and then. it is delightful.
thank you for sharing this story today. bravo for bravery.


Oh you poor thing. I totally relate--I'd be flat chested if I could--so much easier and freer. Breasts are SO overrated. I did want to mention however that your attempt to post a subdued version of said breasts to prevent porno lurkers was entirely eclipsed by the fact that you mentioned breasts and porn in the same post. It's so over for you. Tee hee. :)


oh christina, you are so right. well that explains the increased traffic on my site :).

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