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20 February 2007



oh I just want to SIT THERE AND SCARF DOWN DOUGHNUTS TOO! Just looking at this is like a little mini-break for me, so that is always a good sign that the photo is good!


Very cozy and calm. Nice use of the shadows!


The photograph just radiates calm and peace.

-35, that's cold! I can see why you'd need a mental health day off. Baked doughnuts sound lovely.

liz elayne

this photo is gorgeous. this morning i am feeling quiet after a horrible dream. hmmm.
i wish i could just put my slippers on and walk on over for time in the quiet with you. book or journal in hand, tea, and maybe you might share a doughnut or two.
i wish i could do that.

la vie en rose

mmmmm...i need to create my own moment like this today...


Thanks for commenting. I hope you get the chance to get to that magic Kauai again someday soon. If you can't be there, eating baked doughnuts and tea in Alaska sounds pretty darn good, too. Such a peaceful photo.


It was 72 here today. Sometimes I miss those frigid Fairbanks winter days. Do you remember that winter when Sonja and I forgot to put up our window plastic in time, so instead we had to duct-tape our fleece curtains closed? I think it's going to take a little while to get used to these Arizona "winters". Hugs to you, Dave, Yukie and Zeta for us!


wonderful moment captured; love the light coming in, shining on your hands


love love the feeling that comes from this photo-- it's true for me too, that I need the morning repose to begin the day and of late I haven't been stopping for that. thank you for the reminder-- and, belated birthday wishes from a fellow 2/11 birthday-er.


i think this is such a lovely photo. it's a great reminder of how much we all need time and space in our lives. can't wait to try those baked doughnuts. seems that we often like the same recipes in blogland. xo shari


Holy chilly! That's cooold. And here I was complaining! Time with words and tea are always the best.

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