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17 June 2007



Sounds amazing. Farm raised salmon is such a poor imitation of the real stuff that you're able to get (24 hours fresh!). (btw, OLS starts next week) :)

boho girl

i didn't even know this existed. what a great idea...xoxo


This is terrific. I joined a CSA this year-all local-is very cool. Maybe some day:)

I love what you describe here-and the salmon-yummy!

I also much enjoyed the last post-embracing imperfections-very important lesson.

Love to you


I've missed you around Self Portrait Challenge so I stopped by to catch up with you. Your garden looks so promising. I hope the Alaskan summer treats you well.



That sounds awesome! My friend is currently in KnackKnick(sp?) helping at a fish processing plant.

I too am without a photo this week so don't feel bad. (:


Oh I remember piling in the station wagon to go camping in Chitna while dad dipnetted for salmon when we were kids. Very dangerous stuff, but so worth it!

And it was always so cool seeing the "ghost" buildings in Chitna!

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