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06 September 2007



No, I know the pain you speak of. They're not people, but they are furry little creatures capable of giving and receiving 100% unconditional love. That is what makes them so hard to part with when it comes that time.

I wish I had better words of condolence, but I don't. I can only wish you and Zada well--as well as you can both muster.


i'm so so sorry amy. oh poor sweet zada. sending healing thoughts her way. xo

liz elayne

when i light my altar candle this morning i will think of you and zada and send healing peaceful energy to you...

i am so sorry...


Oh Dear Heart...

I can't believe that we have both placed the fuzzy faces of our little ones up on our blogs within days of each other...

They are such a deep part of our souls... my heart aches for you both, and I send you much peace and healing for her...

love love love,


So sorry about your Zada. Our three-year-old kitty Sammy had sudden kidney failure two years ago. It broke our hearts.


Oh, gosh, Amy, I'm so sorry for what you're going through with Zada (I also haven't been very good about checking blogs lately).

Pets are so important, and the loss of one can hurt as much as (or more than) losing a human friend. I have no comforting words, just that I understand your pain and I'm thinking of you.


Hi. Just popping back in to send you more love...

la vie en rose

...i'm so very sorry amy...

hugs to you!

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