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09 November 2007



November is a hard, hard month to get through. I just want to get past the encroaching darkness to those crisp, sunny winter days. It can't happen fast enough!


That's a beautiful picture. I too sometimes suffer from SAD. Some years are much better than others. I'm not quite sure why. One year I didn't even realize I was suffering until one spring, "poof" like magic, I suddenly was exploding with energy and felt great about everything...just as the sun was coming back. Those "happy" lights are wonderful.


i like this photo amy. sounds like you are prepared for the darkness and know exactly what you need to make it through! hope you are feeling a bit better. xox


I have the opposite problem. Growing up in Alaska, dark doesn't bother me. But last year when we lived in Texas--all of that sun all of the time even in the "winter"--I started getting depressed. I sincerely think there's an anti-SAD.

Is it any wonder that AK tops the lists for teen pregnancies, suicides and alcoholism?


Music helps too, a burst of music you love will help you get out bed and into a good enough mood to get you anywhere else you want to go...

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